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Knee Deep Festival was a completely independent music and arts festival in Cornwall. Started by a group of friends with a passion for music in 2012, I came on board in 2018 to art direct and steer the visual aesthetic of the event. Billed as a chance to catch up-and-coming acts in a super intimate setting, Knee Deep hosted acts such as Loyle Carner, Whitney, Kate Tempest, George Ezra, Auntie Flo, Glass Animals, Shy Girl, Fontaines DC, Squid and many more before they inevitably went on to more commercial success.

For the two years I was art directing we featured graphic art work from international artists, Kris Andrew Small and Alexander Medel (2019 and 2018 respectively) On site, the arts programme featured installations from artists around the south west and the UK; Loci, a local mural collective, Ursula Cheng, illustrator and public art creator based in Glasgow, Elly Maddock, illustrator and artist, Sophie Blubb, an artist and printmaker, and many others had their work featured on the festival site. Local volunteers collaborated to make a truly DIY festival for 2 days and nights.

It remains the coolest thing I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of, with the best bunch of friends, and I hope to be able to make more work like this in future :)

Concept and Set Design - Stop motion line up announcement video KD18

Photography and edit - Colin Ross

Music - Bullion

Text Animation - Beth Lane

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